Apply for Services

Information Required

Name of customer (to identify customer name)

  • A valid ID (social security card, passport or drivers license)
  • In the case of a business customer you are required to bring along a written request on the company’s letter head and the person authorized to conduct the transaction on the company’s’ behalf needs to have an identification card.

Address (proof of residency at the premises)

  • Property #
  • Location
  • Rent receipt  or lease agreement (if renting the property)
  • Authorization from Landlord indicating that he/she is allowing meter to be installed at address

Mode of contact

  • Email address
  • Phone number (cell phone or a home number)

Steps for applying for a new connection or transfer of premises

    • Step 1 – You need to visit the office or can apply online on our website
    • Step 2 – Ensure that you bring along the information listed above
    • Step 3 – If the premises that you will be moving into has a meter number, bring along the meter # with you which will allow the process to be much more efficiently.
    • Step 4 – If you come into the office one of our friendly Customer Service Representative (CSR) will assist you with filling out the form and you will be required to sign the form.
    • Step 5 – the CSR will conduct verification in the system to see if you had any previous account with the company or any outstanding balance. This information will be passed along to you by the CSR. You will be required to clear or make arrangements to clear any outstanding balances.
    • Step 6 – If you brought in a meter number or if we verify that a meter is at the premises you will be asked to make the payment. (In the event that the meter at the premises was not disconnected for more than six (6) months or not illegal activities identified) If a meter is not attached to the premises or if the meter was disconnected for more than six (6) months or record of illegal activities a site inspection will be required this will take at least two (2) days.
    • Step 7 – When the site inspection is completed the company will inform you that you can come in to make payment for the service.
    • Step 8 – If a meter is at the premises and it only requires removal of the pin your service will be connected within a day but not later than 2 business day. If it requires the installation of a meter your connection will be done within 1 to 3 business days.

Please note that installation that requires heavy equipment or permission to cross the street has to be coordinated with the city council or municipal board. This will require additional time for the job to be completed.

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