Dangriga Water safe despite change in taste

Dangriga Water safe despite change in taste

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A number of residents from Dangriga have reported a difference in the taste of water. Belize Water Services Ltd hereby informs customers in Dangriga, that despite the change in taste, the water is safe and meets all international potable water standards.

The recent rains have caused flooding of the North Stann Creek River, which is the main source of water; this in turn has caused unacceptable pH and alkalinity levels in the river water source. In order to ensure an adequate supply of the potable water that meets the World Health Organization (WHO) standards, BWS has had to treat a balanced mixture of water from our wells and the river through our Dangriga Water Treatment Plant. This mixture has resulted in a difference in taste of the potable water. However, BWS assures customers and the public that the water is safe for consumption.

As soon as the river water is back to normal, BWS will discontinue the use of the wells and the taste will be restored. BWS prides itself in ensuring a safe supply of potable water to customers.


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