New Tariffs

New Tariffs

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Notice to Customers

New Tariffs effective April 01, 2015

Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) informs customers that, effective April 01, 2015, new tariffs as approved by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) have come into effect. Customer bills issued in April 2015 covers consumption which spans March through to April and will therefore have the old and new tariffs applied on a pro-rata basis. 

The bills issued in April will show two billing lines with the same bill date. The first line shows the pro-rated March consumption using the old tariffs.  The second line shows the pro-rated April consumption using the new tariffs. 

The main section of a bill is shown below. Please note the reading date is April 03, 2015 (03/04/15) and the billing cycle is for 30 days, therefore in this specific example, 27 days represents March consumption and the remaining 3days represents April’s consumption.    

 new bill 2015 revised

NB: Customers should note that increases in their water usage due to onset of the dry season and the Easter Holidays will cause increases in their monthly bill which is not necessarily a result of the tariff change.

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