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h3>Integrated Water and Sanitation Program for the Placencia Peninsula (IWSPPP)

Placencia Peninsula, Stann Creek District

Project Name: Integrated Water and Sanitation Program for the Placencia Peninsula (IWSPPP)

Location: Placencia Peninsula, Stann Creek District

Project Objectives

The goal of the proposed project is to support economic development and improve the quality of life of the residents in the Placencia Peninsula through environmental improvements. Specifically, the project seeks to increase access to wastewater management treatment in Belize through the development of a new sewerage collection and treatment system in the Placencia Peninsula.

Project Execution

The Borrower for the IWSPPP project is the Government of Belize (GOB), who will be legally responsible to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the loan repayment. The Executing Agency (EA) will be Belize Water Services (BWS), who will be responsible for the overall administration of the proposed operation, including planning, budgeting, and implementation.

Project Financing

The design and construction of a wastewater system in Placencia will be achieved through three related agreements signed between the Bank, BWS, and GOB they are:
1. Integrated Water and Sanitation Programme for the Placencia Peninsula, Loan Contract for US$5,000,000,
2. Establishment of a Revolving Fund for Financing Water Projects in Belize, Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management (CReW) Grant Agreement for US$5,000,000, and the
3. Detailed Design of a Wastewater System in Placencia, a Non-Reimbursable Technical Cooperation Agreement for US$500,000. More details in Land Survey Consultancy TOR April 2013.

Project Details

The project comprises of three phases, which includes and overlaps the different agreements and their individual components.

Phase 1 of the project was the Feasibility Study that was conducted by Halcrow and funded by United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). The purpose of this Feasibility Study was to determine the need for a wastewater system on the Placencia Peninsula and to analyze various methods and technologies to meet this need. Using existing and projected population data, an analysis was performed on the current and projected water use and wastewater generation to determine the scale of the system through the year 2040. These reports and recommendation will guide the way in to Phase 2.  Download PDF file: Placencia WW Feasibility Study Vol I – Final Report – Public Copy.pdf

Phase 2 includes the detailed design of the collection and treatment systems. The Technical Corporation Agreement (TC) resources will be used to contract a consulting firm to prepare the detailed designs, baseline customer surveys and the contract documents. The successful tender will design the wastewater network and treatment facilities based on recommendations of the feasibility study of design.

Phase 3 includes the actual construction of the collection and treatment systems on the peninsula. This is being funded by the IDB Loan and the CReW Grant.

Current Project Status
BWS is currently in the process of selecting and contracting a detailed design firm.

Executing Agency: Belize Water Services Limited

Project Manager: Mr. William C. Lamb Jr.

Design Consultant: To be determine

Contractor: To be determine

Project Duration
1. Completion of Detailed Design – 7 months (Schedule to commence July 2013)
2. Completion of Construction – 18 months (Schedule to commence May 2014)

Estimated Cost: $10,000,000.00 USD


New Dosing Hut and Generator Installation, Orange Walk

Dosing Hut, Orange Walk

Project Name: Orange Walk New Dosing Hut and Generator Installation

Location: Clarke Street Pump Station Compound, Orange Walk

Project Objectives:

Generator, Orange Walk

Provide standby generator to supply water to the community more efficiently during a BEL power outage, especially one caused by a tropical cyclone.

Project Status: The construction of 135 square feet concrete addition to Clarke Street Pump Station and purchasing and installation of new generator is approximately 80% completed. The contractor has completed plastering and is currently working on refurbishing and installation of doors.

Project Manager: Mr. Richard Bowman

Project Engineer Supervising Works: Mr. Ryne Timmons and Mr. Richard Bowman

Project Cost:  $125, 000.00

Duration of the Project: 6 months

Contractor: De’Mar’s Stone Company






Caye Caulker Supervisors’ House, Caye Caulker

Supervisors’ Timber House, Caye Caulker

Project Name: Caye Caulker Supervisors’ House

Location: Caye Caulker Water Treatment Plant Compound

Project Objectives:

  • The BWS Caye Caulker plant operator and/or systems supervisor will have a better living environment by having the flexibility and freedom of home accommodation.
  • Belize Water Services will save financially by investing in a building to house their employees and not having to rent.
  • The plant operator and/or systems supervisor can respond more rapidly to emergencies.

Project Status: A two – bedroom house measuring 20 feet by 30 feet was delivered to Caye Caulker in the week of June 10 – June14, 2013. The contractor is currently working on construction of the building foundation and verandahs.

Supervisors’ Timber House, Caye Caulker

Project Manager: Mr. Richard Bowman

Project Engineer Supervising Works: Mr. Gianni Garcia, Mr. Carlos Alvarado and Mr. Richard Bowman

Project Cost:  $85, 000.00

Duration of the Project: 6 months

Contractor: Mr. Johan Wiebe from Wiebe Home Builders






500, 000 Gallons Water Storage Tank, Belmopan

New Water Storage Tank, Belmopan

Project Name: Design and Build 500,000 Gallon underground water tight storage tank, Belmopan WTP expansion 3

Location: Belmopan Water Treatment Plant, nearby Femagra, Humming Bird Highway, Belmopan

Project Manager: Mr. Sanjay Keshwani

Project Engineer: Mr. Edward Eck and Mr. Adrian Lisbey

Project Cost:  $1.25 Million

Duration of the Project: 16 months

Capacity of the tank: 500,000.00 gallons potable water

Contractor: Maheias United Limited

Status: Completion Stage

Reason Required:

Belize Water services built 3 new filters and 2 new sedimentation tanks in the past. That increased plant capacity from 0.7 MGD1 to 1.4 MGD to produce water. The Current capacity of Belmopan WTP2 is 1.4 MGD.

Prior to building this new tank, Belmopan had a storage tank with the capacity of 600,000 gallons. That storage capacity was insufficient for future demand and/or plant failures. It was therefore necessary to increase the storage capacity of the plant to meet current and future demands.

The storage tank will stabilize flow rate and increase storage capacity enabling enough water to be produced to last for a whole day. BWS recently installed new water network systems to supply water to Cotton Tree, Frank’s Eddy and St. Matthews Villages. Therefore, this new tank will be able to meet the increase in demand to these communities.

During a hurricane threat, the stored 1.1 million gallons of water can be managed to supply Belmopan and these communities as well as evacuees from coastal and flooded areas.

1.  MGD – million gallons per day

2.  WTP – Water Treatment Plant





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