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Mechanical Installation of New Filters and Replacement of all Asbestos Cement Pipes of WTP, Dangriga

WTP Filter, Dangriga

Project Name: Mechanical Installation of New Filters and Changing of All Asbestos Cement Pipes of Water Treatment Plant, Dangriga

Location:  Dangriga Water Treatment Plant (WTP), George Price Highway, Dangriga

Project Objectives:

Belize Water Services (BWS) commenced refurbishment of the Dangriga WTP in 2010. As the part of the refurbishment, BWS demolished the old WTP building due to the building’s dilapidated state.

After the Dangriga WTP building was demolished a soil test was taken by PES which revealed that the ground was saturated with water.  Upon further investigation of the site, it was discovered that the existing Asbestos Cement pipes were leaking.  These leaky Asbestos Cement pipes caused the soil to become saturated with water resulting in unstable soil, making it very difficult to construct the new WTP building.

BWS also built two new filters as part of the refurbishment of the Dangriga WTP building. These two new filters will increase plant capacity output by two times. Installation of these new filters will allow us to disconnect older filters and replace all A.C.1 pipes with new D.I.2 pipes.

With the replacement of pipes, the moisture content of the ground will reduce eventually and will allow us to build the new WTP building. Installation of new filters is very critical to commence the refurbishment of the new Dangriga WTP building.

Project Details:

Mechanical installation will include procuring of filter media, stainless steel manifolds and all ductile iron pipe work for new and old filters. It will also include installation of manifolds, pipe work and filter media in the new filters. The project will also include replacing all Asbestos Cement pipes which are outdated and leaky.

Project Status: Procurement of Goods

Project Manager: Mr. Sanjay Keshwani

Project Engineer: Mr. Edward Eck

Contractor: In house expertise

Project Duration: 9 months

Estimated Cost: $275,000.00


1. A.C. – asbestos cement

2. D.I. – ductile iron

New Operations Office, Belmopan

Starter Bars for New Operations Office, Belmopan

Project Name: New Operations Office, Belmopan

Project Manager: Mr. Sanjay Keshwani

Project Engineer: Mr. Adrian Lisbey

Size of the Building: 3,600 Square Feet

Location: Will be located on the top of the newly built 500,000 Gallon tank, Belmopan Water Treatment plant, Nearby Femagra, Humming Bird Highway, Belmopan

Current status of the project: Preparation of Tender Documents

Estimated Project Duration: 12 months

Reason Required:

Presently Belize Water Services rent an office located at Garden City Plaza. Both operations and customer services staff are located in this office. However, the size of the office is too small to house personnel from both departments. Also, there is a need for permanent storage and tools rooms where operations can store their material and equipment securely. They use a container located at plant for storage purpose. Again there is a space constraint in the container too.

The new office will have a store room, tools room, manager’s office, and supervisor’s office, foremen’s office, meeting room, cafeteria, bathroom, shower room and locker for employees. Building will be centrally air conditioned and thermally efficient. The new office will be built on the top of the newly built tank. This will help us to save 25% of the overall cost since we do not need to build a foundation.

In addition, the new operations office will house BWS future server room for the country. Currently, the BWS server room is located in Belize City. Due to the low elevation of Belize City, during a hurricane threat flooding is most likely to occur. Therefore, the BWS server for the country will be relocated to the new Belmopan operations office in the future.


Rebuild Suspension Bridge to Cross River, Benque

Suspension Bridge Before Flooding, Benque

Upcoming Project: Rebuild Suspension Bridge to Cross River, Benque

Estimated Cost: $190,000.00

Contract Given: Mr. Ramon Martinez

Project Manager: Mr. Sanjay Keshwani

Project Engineer: Mr. Edward Eck

Tested and available flow rate from the spring: 185 GPM1

Duration of the construction: 6 months

Reasons Required:

During 2008 heavy floods due to Tropical Depression 16 destroyed the suspension bridge located on the Benque River. The bridge used to support a 6 inch PVC pipe to supply water to the Benque community from a spring located on the other side of the river.

Presently, Benque community is fed by two ground water wells. The dynamic levels of these wells keep falling. Therefore, the pumps need to be lowered almost every dry season. Rebuilding the existing suspension bridge will allow us to connect back the spring with our system providing extra capacity for the water supply system.

General Scope of Works:

Suspension Bridge After Flooding, Benque

  • Remove existing steel columns
  • Supply all material required to build new bases for new steel columns
  • Build new bases for steel columns
  • Supply and install new steel columns as per drawings and specification
  • Break existing stair case on pump house side
  • Excavate ground to required depth to receive concrete caps
  • Supply and install concrete caps on existing anchors on both side
  • Pull main 1.25 inch diameter cable 1 foot from each side to decrease sag by 2 feet at middle.
  • Install 6 inch ductile iron pipes across the river as per drawings and specifications
  • Remove rust of all steel members
  • Apply grease to all joints and fasteners of steel members
  • Prime and epoxy paint all steel members
  • Build Chlorinator house as per drawing and specification
  • Clean site and dispose of all material as per Belize’s environmental rules and regulations


1. GPM – gallons per minute

Placencia Project

The Background – The Government of Belize and Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL), with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB, the “Bank”) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) have entered into agreement for a program to support economic development and improve the quality of life of the residents in the Placencia Peninsula through environmental improvements.

The Objective – The goal of the proposed project is to support economic development and improve the quality of life of the residents in the Placencia Peninsula through environmental improvements. Specifically, the project seeks to increase access to wastewater management treatment in Belize through the development of a new sewerage collection and treatment system in the Placencia Peninsula.

Current Status –

·         The Feasibility Study of the project was completed by Halcrow and is available upon request.
·         Tenders for the detailed design of the project will be submitted 15th April 2013.
·         The detailed design is projected to be completed by January 2014.
·         The tender for the construction of the collection and treatment systems is projected to go out by February 2014.
·         An 18 months construction period is projected to complete and commission the wastewater system.

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