PRESS RELEASE: BWS and BWSWU finalise Collective Bargaining Agreement

PRESS RELEASE: BWS and BWSWU finalise Collective Bargaining Agreement

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PRESS RELEASE: BWS and BWSWU finalise Collective Bargaining Agreement


Belize City, Friday October 23, 2015:

BWS and the BWSWU proudly announce the finalisation of our new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  The new CBA will be submitted to the Ministry of Labour for review before its formal signing. In the interim, both parties have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding which effectively implements the new agreement commencing November 1, 2015.

Negotiators on both sides worked diligently to complete the revisions.  The Board of Directors of BWS offer their congratulations to the teams for a job well done and for handling the negotiations in a professional manner and persevering even when the going was difficult. The Board extends their sincere appreciation to all those involved in the process.

BWS’ Management and the BWS Workers Union Executive, recognizing the importance having a satisfied work force and good work practices, made a number of improvements on the previous agreement. A number of benefits were increased or added; more recognition is given to employees with long tenure; and special attention has been given to health and safety in the workplace.

As provider of the most essential utility service to the Belizean populace, BWS and BWSWU are pleased with our long history of working cooperatively together to continuously improve the level of service to our customers and consumers. We continue to focus on improving the delivery of service, both to our existing customers and to as much of the population of Belize as we can reasonably reach.

We are proud to be the best water utility in the Caribbean, and to be recognised by our customers as the utility delivering the best continuity of service within Belize! Needless to say, we are proud of our hard-working employees who are deserving of the agreed benefits and who contribute to helping the company in delivering water and more to our valued customers!

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