Read Your Own Meter

You can monitor your water usage by reading your meter.

Customers can sign up to reading their meter and providing the information on-line by using the Meter Readings Form.

Meter Reading:0064210 Meter Reading:0000567

1. Locate your meter – it is usually located near the front of your property at least 3 feet from the boundary line on the right side of your premises coming out and left side going into your premises.

2. When reading the meter records all the digits inclusive of the last digit to the right that rotates consistently as water passes through the meter. The recorded number should not exceed seven digits.

3. To arrive at your consumption, subtract the reading taken off the meter from your previous reading, the difference is your consumption in gallons.

4. Once you are able to establish your consumption in gallons you can calculate the dollar value of your bill.

For a more detailed description, please download the following document in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF) :  How To Read Your Meter (PDF)

To calculate your usage in dollar value you can go to our Tariff Calculator and insert the usage and select either water only or water & sewerage base on which zone you resides. Click Here to view

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